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Five million drug errors kill or seriously harm Britons every year

Stars among over 1,500 artists seeking government support for the 'R&D wing' of the British music industry


[Abandoned like Admiral Seymour in the Boxer Rebellion.]
[The Stopford Road Lodge has been defrauding me and trying to kill me and my family for too many decades now. Final Judgment must regrettably be done.]
[Happy Fourth of July.]
[I am fully prepared and protected now for financial Armageddon.]
[Rebalance any risked 999 effects with any competent transposer bookkeeper before not after. (]
[If anyone is still reading this I just made an instant irreversible recovery from anything that has ever been considered possibly wrong with me after reading a copy of the 2006 celebrity blackbook listing 55,000 names, addresses, and job titles.]
[3rd world Covid-19 is going to be the rest of this year's news now I think. I hope I am wrong but I honestly don't think I am.]
[I painted a decorators' kettle white was where I went wrong in 1982. My big confession.]
[There was a conspiracy of silence here but I penetrated it. Two snowflake bankers claiming to be terrified was enough, and two leaks on the inside. A lot of people knew but were in fact too truly terrified to talk and warn me ironically about the two snowflake bankers fraudulently claiming terror. The result? A lot of people are now genuinely terrified. Guarin and Morag had a lot to gain though. Both had mortgages at one stage and will need litigation. They have both been driven to drink though so in a way they have both already paid for their crimes.]
[Remember Offshore Jersey GB does not stick with the Geneva Convention. Its care homes and prisons are used every day for black ops operations by the CiA and Mi5 for tasks considered far too Politically Incorrect for onshore services operations and your mobile phone bills here are uncapped by any law. You can be billed your whole net worth. The PCs have also recently changed the 3 figure numbers on their shoulders from 3 to 4 figures despite having numbers of 450 approx including support staff, honorary officers, and specials.]
[I remember when Ghislaine ran out of coffee at College and had to ask me for some. It was funny. Tell her to call me if she wants help. I am part of the New York City Bar now.]
[Most recidivism happpens in the first few weeks after lockdown with assylum and prison discharges is standard legal knowledge inluding Bellevue. Don't be a statistic Ghislaine.]
[Well it seems like I have been selected for suicide again by the Stopford Road Lodge here to stop me complaining again or blogging about the launderers, TFs, or DFs (drug financiers) again. I must therefore again defend my property and my life in the American way being the only way I know how.]
[Here is the deal Ok? We all continue to email each other first without going to the cops first knowing our emails and phones are monitored by the Internet Police. Going to the cops first cannot happen. 1/3 of them here are bought according to Graeme McLagan's book Bent Copppers logical inferences.]
[And be careful what you wear as blue and red mean different things to different demographics on different sides of the Oceans now Ok?]
[What gets me is Ian Gorst is still hitting on the 200 smokes a month my family had to pay in 1993 to keep one of us alive. Is a patently dishonest vegetable like him really the image any country wants to project to foreigners though? Thanks to whoever left that local paper outside on the Church bench today by the way.]
[Being a 1% stakeholder specialist in a 100 member multi-discipline group seems to be more efficient according to a well known economic theory and 50 is about the limit for operational security according to standard military practice. The way to survive the approaching depression now looks obvious to me Ghislaine.]
[You would not believe what I have had to read over the years Ghislaine. You are in the University of Crime with a golden opportunity to learn. Don't grass. Don't be gay. The Ayrian Brotherhood are one of the main gangs inside in the US. So are the mob. With an old friend like me on the out as they call it you stand a much better chance. Guislaine is another way to spell Ghislaine but I guess you know that.]