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Five million drug errors kill or seriously harm Britons every year

Stars among over 1,500 artists seeking government support for the 'R&D wing' of the British music industry

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[Abandoned like Admiral Seymour in the Boxer Rebellion.]
[The Stopford Road Lodge has been defrauding me and trying to kill me and my family for too many decades now. Final Judgment must regrettably be done.]
[Happy Fourth of July.]
[La Vignette was laundered in 1982 by Kevin Leech and Arthur Poole originally bought in 1978 with funds defrauded from my Rothschild descendent legacy willed to me at fifteen years of age.]
[Ian Gorst was actually an accomplice to pre meditated attempted murder 1 by chagning the Tutelle law here in '16 to try and fight the under 16 aspect of the case.]
[Ian Gorst and his gang have been costing Offshore Jersey GB literally billions a week since they changed the Tutelle law in '16 to try and cancel out my Rothschild descendent inheritance case. His self declared drug war this year has only compounded the damage as such a patently political gesture wasting countless lives on both sides financially. Offshore Jersey GB will never recover from what he has done.]
[Morag can put stair lifts in and ask to keep a wheelchair by the front door. She is insured. She will be fine.]
[The mighty Offshore Jersey GB crossed Germany and America for over 4 decades. Now they are paying the price.]
[Will Ian Gorst get Ghislaine killed to stop her possibly talking about his St James Virgin Islands laundry/TF/DF connections? When will he try to kill me again? How? Paid for in what way? With a contract payment laundered by who? In what currency? Fiat? Crypto?]
[Ian Gorst and his cronies are a bottomless pit of cash that Offshore Jersey GB has been conned into throwing billions a week into since their change of the tutelle law here in '16 designed to cancel out the under 16 attribute of his ring of profesionals here in my Rothschild family descendent legacy case and I will continue to cross roads as a pedestrian with that way of thinking.]
[Ghislaine and me shared a live in housemaster at College for a couple of years who took us all skinny dipping in Wales and ripped back the sheet and blanket from my dorm bed one morning when I was late for breakfast the year before she arrived. An assistant live in housemaster Mr Spencer-Ellis was dismissed for drugs there in my time there and was known for giving special tuition in his bedsit to a College pupil of color there. Our dead housemaster Mr Michael Birley took a double first in Classics and was mentioned in dispatches.]
[I am aware powerful entities can flame this website if they don't like what I have said like they can and do flame other websites of free speech.]
[Too many law changes like the '16 change in the Tutelle Law here are approved by the Queen, but the Queen of England is the Queen of England.]
[I have kept in a very safe place a homosexual love letter from an Alan at Clarence House to a Mr Hammon in St Helier Jersey that I think will help Ghislaine written on Clarence House headed notepaper several pages long in ink and signed detailing how it was very difficult for him to get away for them to meet up.]
[Laptop batteries unplugged fully charged. Phone batteries unplugged fully charged. Landline handsets unplugged intact. 3 FM radio signal amps connected in series crocodile clipped to a Grundig tranny aeriel. Have called it a day.]
[I have come to the conclusion that '16 Chief Minister Ian Gorst is what can only be termed a financial serial killer (not Cheerios) who has attacked other families apart from me and my Dad and will again. Do business in Offshore Jersey GB if you dare.]